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What you should know before starting: A New Solution

We recognise that with a new technology there are many new words and terms that are created to explain what it is all about. Most people (including us) find that this information can be confusing. This becomes even more difficult when you read or hear many of them in one article.

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This is why here at we will try to explain any new terms using simple, familiar words. We also welcome feedback. If there is something you see that we can do better. Please let us know.

A New Invention for an Old Problem

We live in exciting times. There are so many ways that technology has helped humanity in the last 100 years. The invention of the car means you can now travel for 100's of miles in comfort. Most people alive today remember a time before mobile phones. This invention as well as the computer have changed how we live over the past 20 years. Can you believe that the iPhone was introduced as recently as 2007?

Why we are talking about this is to clarify that new technology gets adopted quickly, especially if it helps people do something faster, quicker, cheaper and more securely.

But, one system that has remained fairly unchanged for over 100 years is money. The concept of cash being held in a bank and created or printed by the state has not advanced to suit how we live our lives today.

Money has not advanced since the days the horse was used for transport. Really!

Why does a bank transfer take 1 to 3 days  but an email goes across the world in 1 second?
Why can't a money transfer do the same? 

The Bank system is very inefficient and the only loser is the customer, meaning you. There are many issues with the money system that have developed over time. Some are more obvious than others.

In the age of e-commerce we need a new Digital money that is safe to use and it already exists in crypto.
We will explore this further in the next section that explains "What is money?" and the problems that Web 3.0 has solved.

A Better Digital Way 

There is a new and better way and it is working. Like any new technology, we are still at the beginning, but the solution is working and many of the smartest people in the world are using it and improving it everyday.

Bitcoin is a digital secure money solution that has been working since 2009, with 100% security and it works 24 hours a day. It is not perfect for every use, but it has some incredible uses already.
We explain "What is Bitcoin?" in the simplest terms for beginners. 

The advantage of crypto digital currencies, like Bitcoin, is that many of them operate independently of a bank or middle man and can be trusted 100%. They use computer encryption to protect the data, so you don't need a company or bank to prove that you made a transfer. You will learn about this.  

Cryptocurrencies do not rely on any bank or government to operate, so because they are not controlled by a central authority, we say they are de-centralized. We explore "What is Blockchain?" to explain this further.

Imagine the power of over a million computers around the world that work to save every transaction that happens on the Network. The  "What is Mining?" section will help you understand this more fully. 

We Are Early

These are topics we cover in the first chapter. We recommend that you go through these before moving on to the "DO IT" chapter. It is very important that you understand not only the benefits but also the responsibilities and risks involved in using this technology.

If you educate yourself and take the simple steps to buy some Bitcoin, you will then be more prepared to "MASTER IT". 

At we are working to make your journey with Crypto easier and simpler to understand.  We aim to:

1. Educate you on the best and most secure way to enter this market.

2. Provide you with  working knowledge of the latest cryptocurrency developments, giving you the tools to assess crypto projects.

3. Give you a broad understanding of opportunities with the increasing big company and institutional interest in crypto.

Web 3.0 and crypto  is a brand new technology and it is evolving every day. And because many of the projects being built on it have monetary value, it is better to understand some of the basics and most importantly, to have real people to ask if you have any questions.

Some of the biggest companies in the world already accept crypto but there are less than 2% of people in the world who have tried Crypto.

Be one of the first and enjoy using our services at

Notes from excel:

What is the problem that needed a solution?

(the 2008 Crisis - Other people (banks) holding and managing your money. 

What happens if a bank closes down 

What happens if a currency collapses 

(Analogy of tech. offering a solution)

Follow the course to find out the beautiful solution