Artificial Intelligence. yAI or nAI?

Artificial Intelligence.  yAI or nAI?

As with everything under the sun, the subject of artificial intelligence evokes a range of emotions. Some see it as the next big disruptive force. Having the potential to single-handedly transform our world for the better. Some see it with callous eyes; an imminent threat to our human experience. The rest, well, they can be least concerned with this inexplicable ally or foe.

This was evident even among the best brains of our planet, when a certain Zuckerberg, who stands by the wondrous capabilities of AI was called out for his “limited knowledge” on the subject by Elon Musk of the Tesla fame. Yikes indeed!
We’ve seen eminent figures like Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking humming similar tunes, expressing concerns about self-aware technology and it’s looming threat.
But the scientific community and AI experts have at many instances rebutted such alarming claims, suggesting that AI is not inherently problematic and the larger concern should be of how we humans use and relate to technology.
In the political fraternity, it was Russian premier Vladimir Putin who, rather vehemently, claimed that the one who becomes the leader in the sphere of AI will be the ruler of the world. Classic Putin! He addressed the colossal opportunities it presented and in hindsight, said there could be possible threats difficult to evaluate now.
Regardless of where you find yourself in the spectrum, one thing is certain. AI is here and it is here to stay. This can be partly attributed to two factors; what AI has done for several industries like automobile, medicine, and finance to name a few and how AI has already integrated into our individual lives as we speak!
Virtual Personal Assistants like Siri, Cortana, Google Now and Alexa are all a part of our everyday experience. Faithfully helping us locate restaurants, commanding applications, relaying information, giving reminders on anniversaries (and saving us from embarrassments). These are one of the best examples of how artificial intelligence smartly integrated into our lives.
Today's businesses stand by the importance of anticipating needs. Enter Predictive Analytics Algorithm.

How does the Internet know me so well?

Ever wondered how the book you always wanted to read suddenly pops up as a suggestion when you shop at Amazon?

Or let’s take social media. Ever asked yourself how Facebook perfectly delivers personalized news feed and shows advertisements relevant to the users personal interest, or how Instagram can auto - suggest emojis?
How do streaming services like Netflix always seem to know what shows you'd love to watch?

Remember to thank artificial neural networks and machine learning algorithms integrated into these platforms the next time you ask yourself this.

Cybercrime costs the global economy a staggering 400 billion dollars (source: McAfee).
In banking and finance, AI has been hailed as the coming omnipotent vigilante, ascertaining your transactions and eliminating fraudulent practices. AI is gaining ground here deploying Deep Learning algorithms. This type of AI implementation is a maturing process and tools like time series/Sequence analysis, Behavioural/Sentiment analysis have proven their mettle.
In the fields of medicine and healthcare, AI has solved a variety of problems. From clinical documentation, virtual medical assistants to screening and detecting medical conditions, AI is trying to do it all. Heavy industries and major automobile manufacturers have deployed AI-powered production units that clock products assembled in record time.

We have, quite modestly, only scratched the surface of Artificial Intelligence here. With AI, skies are the limits and the possibilities are unending. Perhaps the scope and magnanimity of it all itself is a cause of concern for some.
With the inevitable progression of quantum computing and our inherent fascination with solving complex problems (and our world has a ton of them), it stands true that there’s no stopping Al’s evolution and its meteoric rise.
For now, singularity seems like a distant dream for the machines and robot over-lords with human-like consciousness hovering above our horizons seems like a super far-fetched idea. Besides, considering what AI has done for us collectively till date, we are more than happy having this smart friend around.

@ Wirecamp, we love integrating our work with advanced tools of AI and Machine Learning to further our scope of services and solution providing abilities.

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